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water treatment

System components and complete systems for water treatment plants, servicing, repair and maintenance

Filtration technology
Ion exchanger plants
Full and partial desalination
Membrane technology (Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse osmosis)
Controllers and process measuring systemes

steam technology

Servicing, repair and maintenance of boiler plants, economic plant optimizations, cleaning and maintenance

Maintenance, repairing, disturbance and error tracing
Maintenance, cleaning and monitoring
Renting systems and mobile equipment technology

condensate technique

Examination, control and maintenance of condensate nets, maintenance and optimization of the working reliability and economy

Maintenance, repairing, disturbing and error tracing
Spare parts service and technical customer service


innovative and highly effective products for the conditioning of cooling and boiler systems, as well as for the drinking water processing

Hardness stabilisation, corrosion protection for cooling water systems. Wide band biocides against bacterial and algae forming
Oxygene binding and metal passivation agents for steam generation plants, heating and hot water boiler, conditioning agents for the prevention of scale forming, corrosion inhibitors and aids
Special products for cleaning, desinfection and conditioning

industrial and drinking water disinfection

Reliable elimination of bacteria, germs, viruses. Disinfection of well and/or production water in the food and beverage industry. Reliable, lasting killing of legionella, pseudomonas and other germs.

Dismantling of the bio film in the entire line system
Economical redevelopment of infected warm and chilled water systems
Highest micro-biological effectiveness under adherence to the drinking water regulation
Fight against legionella

service and engineering

Training of personnel, preparation for TÜV/SVTI inspections, planning and realization of pyrometric plants of all kinds.

Planning and conception of pyrometric plants and components
Systems analyzes, increase of the working reliability and economy
Mobile water treatment plants and renting steam boilers