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Cooling water treatment

Highly effective, modern products for corrosion protection, phosphate stabilisation or system cleaning.
Wide band biozide against bacterial - and algae forming, also for the usage in air conditioning systems, can be applied individually.
Products for conditioning of open and closed cooling cycles
Corrosion protection
Phosphat stabilisation
Controle of sediments
System cleaning
Dispersing agents and wide band biocides

Boiler water treatment

Highly effective, modern products which can be offered after requirement as steam volatile products in big, branched structure steam- and condensing systems, as well as non steam volatile products, especially for the food industry.
The monitoring of concentrates additive take place through manageable easy testkits.
for steam generation plants and condensers
oxygen binding agent and metal passivation agent
agents againts boiler scale
conditioning agents for the prevention of scale forming and for decomposition of existing scale
corrosion inhibitors and aids

Special products for cleaning, desinfection and conditioning

scale and coating solvents
conditioning of osmose plants, drinking water systems, autoclaves