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Industrial water disinfection

For the saving of drinking water and costs industrial water is prepared and reused ever more frequently for different in-plant tasks.
Strongly dirty industrial waters are usually pre-treated in a first stage by a chemical-physical treatment. Subsequently, the water must be sterilized in order to prevent a rapid re-contamination of the industrial water.
In case of less strongly contaminated waters or with smaller requirements on the quality of the industrial water a simple disinfection can also be sufficient.
With the employment of our effective water disinfection product you obtain:
reliable elimination of bacteria, germs, viruses and effective prevention of smelling nuisances in sewage systems

Drinking water disinfection

One of our most important food is the drinking water - without water no life. The laws make today high demands against the water purification. So the provided water must absolutely fulfill the following criteria:
freely of germs, bacteria and microorganisms
taste and smell-neutrally
freely of harmful ingredients
The availability of clean drinking water is one of the most elementary and most important tasks in the water purification. The most frequently used kind of the drinking water disinfection contains the chlorination. However often unwanted accompaniments arise with this procedure. From the chlorinating effect of chlorine result chlorine amines with the disinfection, which develop partially carcinogenic intermediate products after the today's conditions of the science. Further the chlorination has negative effects on the smell and taste characteristics of the water.
In the limit values of the chlorine concentration specified by the legislator a safe elimination of bacteria is not ensured, e.g. like Legionella.
The company FTC offers alternatively for the chlorination a high-activity disinfection product on the basis of chlorine dioxide to you. The product is a liquid, ready for use and stabilized chlorine dioxide solution used for many years with large success in the following ranges:
Disinfection of well and/or production water in the food and beverage industry.
Active protection against Legionella in the showering and drinking water.
Reliable, lasting killing of Legionella, Pseudomona and other germs
Dismantling of the bio film in the entire line system of the drinking water
Economical redevelopment of infected warm and chilled water systems
Highest micro-biological effectiveness under adherence to the drinking water regulation
No resistance formations
Fight against Legionella without operating interrupt

Processing water disinfection

In many industrial companies the water purification in process and/or cooling circuits possesses has a high priority. A bio film of only 1 mm of thickness entails e.g. already an heat transfer loss of more than 30% and causes so fast extremely high costs. Bio films can lead under certain influences to the overheating of plants and in the further process to a stop of whole production lines. Further bio films offer an ideal habitat for Legionella. These are delivered then partially kilometres away over the aerosols by contaminated cooling towers and represent a health danger for coworkers and adjacents resident.
By the high active content, the excellent impact as well as the very good waste water values our chlorine dioxide solution is particularly suitable for:
secure disinfection against bio film, microorganisms, germs and bacteria in the process and cooling water
optimal sterilization of vapor and ice water in food industry
perfect elimination of bio film, algae and legionella in cooling towers
optimal cleaning and disinfection of filtering units
impact treatment against Legionellen in air conditioning systems