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Maintenance, repairing, disturbance and error tracing

Our customer service and our service technicians are specialists in locating, limiting and finding errors in pyrometric plants of all kinds:
steam boiler
hot water boiler
thermal oil boiler
We examine all plants for hidden errors and optimize the plants for an economic driving fashion with highest working reliability.
We take over the maintenance and servicing of steam centrals with instructed heating station operators for considerable companies in whole Switzerland and South Germany.

Maintenance, cleaning and monitoring

We train personnel locally on your plants.
We carry out water-lateral cleaning of boiler systems.
Chemical cleaning by innovative and highly effective products for in-plant cleaning without down-times of the boiler plants or for complete system cleaning with plant stop.
Mechanical cleaning with mobile maximum pressure jet plant 500 bar 100°C.
We prepare your plants for the TÜV/SVTI inspections and would execute these inspections with the SVTI.

Renting systems and mobile equipment technology

We supply within shortest time renting steam boiler locally and supply you as fast as possible with steam and water.
In our renting park are mobile high speed water softening plants to 20,000 liters per hour, as well as mobile osmosis plants up to 2,500 liters per hour.