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Filtration technology

To remove suspended solids and polluants, dissolved iron or dissolved manganize.
Automatic time controlled one and duplex filter plants, automatic time and differenzial pressure controlled one and duplex filter plants, manually controlled one and duplex filter plants.

Ion exchanger plants

Water softening is one example for the application of ion exchanger plants.
Water softening prevents the boiler scale formation and the associated negative consequences for the entire water-prominent installation. In the household soft water brings comfort and a saving of the water, rinsing and detergent consumption.
Water softening plants working with ion exchangers replace calcium and magnesium ions forming scale by neutral sodium ions and thus soften the water to the desired degree of hardness. In the drinking water area the water is softened to about 7-8 °dH.
For industrial applications, e.g. as boiler feed water, water always is softened to 0 °dH (dH = deutsche Härte, German measuring unit for hardness). In this case a technical design as duplex water softening plant is absolutely required for continuous and trouble-free operation of connected plants.
Regeneration of the ion exchange resin working in the plant is made automatically corresponding to the capacity used. The capacity of a plant is calculated by the water hardness and the quantity of water treated.

Full and partial desalination

A lot of processes requires a very pure feedwater.
To fulfill this requirement, desalination by ion exchange is the best technical way.
We offer tailor-made solutions for your needs and application.

Membrane technology

Separation of ingredients out of fluids by help of membranes is the procedure used mostly in nature. In each cell of our body exchange of liquid nutritive and harmfull substances is made by means of membranes.
We dispose on extensive experience in the area of technical application of membrane technology. Our delivery scope contains ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis plants. Distinction of different membrane procedures is made by the separation performance.
We deliver standard membrane plants for permeate performances of 15 l/h up to 50 m³/h. For special requirements of permeate purity our plants may be constructed according to customers specifications.
The design of the nanofiltration plants is similar to these of reverse osmosis plants. Necessary pressures for this type of separation procedure, however, are much lower than those for reverse osmosis. Nanofiltration often is used for softening of process waters.
More and more ultrafiltration is used also in the area of pre-treatment of drinking and utility water treatment as well as in treatment of swimming pool water. For reasons of reliable and safe removal of harmful substances and suspended matters from the sewage ultrafiltration more and more replaces usual filter techniques.Further development of membranes and controlling techniques will enlarge future application possibilities of ultrafiltration.
Reverse osmosis
In the procedure of reverse osmosis the natural principle of osmosis is reversed. The water to be purified is lead under pressure over a membrane. The applicated pressure must be larger than the osmotic pressure which is determined by the salt content of the water. The water is pressed through the membrane where the harmful substances or salts stay on the side of the concentrate and are taken out as concentrate. Corresponding to the needed purity of the permeate and the inlet concentration of the salts the plant may be constructed as one-stage or two-stage plant. According to the design, the salt rejection of the plant amounts to more than 98% of the inlet.
Beside standard compact plants we offer to our customers also tailor-made systems.

Controllers and process measuring systemes

Controllers for water softening plants
for full automatic regeneration of water softening plants. It is suitable for central control valves or pilot distributors; controlled via an electrical change-over or impulse switch for for a single fi lter or double fi lter change-over connection, quantity, time or quality-controlled regeneration initiation.
Controllers for reverse osmosis plants
Controllers for full desalination plants
Desalination controllers for cooling systems and air-washers
for quantity-proportional desalination and dosing for cooling systems and air-washers.
Process measuring instruments and accessoires for conductivity, pH value, Redox
Reagents, indicators and analysis
Reliable and cost-effective methods are indispensable for detailed water analysis.
We offer methods which enable you to test the water quality on-site, quickly and cost-effectively without prior chemical knowledge or a laboratory.
In the following areas of application our reagents are applicable:
industrial water purification
swimming pools and swimming pool engeneering
drinking water
industrial water
process water
breweries and beverage industry